soybean field

USSEC Conducts Workshop on Purchasing Tools and Provided Trade Assistance in Dominican Republic

USSEC conducted a workshop on purchasing tools for U.S. soymeal clients in the city of Moca in Dominican Republic. During the two day event, topics like agricultural markets, risk management practices and market analysis as means of support of purchasing decision making was presented by USB Director and grower leader Bob Metz, USSEC Regional Director Francisco de la Torre, International Business Development Director Miguel Escobar, and USSEC consultants Gerardo Luna, Carmen Diaz, Pedro Lora and Fradbelin Escarraman.
In addition to the workshop, the USSEC team met with balanced feed manufacturers and customers of U.S. soymeal in Santo Domingo and El Cibao region.  They discussed the market’s current situation and perspectives, global grain and oilseed markets, local market conditions and industry competitiveness in the current economic and commercial environments, pricing and contracting practices, as well as sharing about risk management alternatives.  The team also visited the USDA office in the Dominican Republic to discuss with the Agricultural Attaché the Dominican agricultural markets and the U.S. agricultural exports into the country.

Soymeal customers attending the workshop on purchasing tools in Dominican Republic