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USSEC Conducts Soyfood Seminar for Vegetarian Society in Indonesia

USSEC, in collaboration with Indonesian Tempe Forum (ITF), the Indonesian Vegan Society (IVS), and Health Polytechnics Pontianak, recently conducted a seminar titled “Health Benefits of Soyfood” in Pontianak, Indonesia.  The objective of the event was to provide updates on the health benefits of soyfood as part of Indonesia’s National Tempe Day.  The event received support from PT Kapuas Lestari, a U.S. soybean importer based in Pontianak and Bank Mandiri Pontianak Branch.

Approximately 82 participants comprised of lecturers and researchers from universities, IVS members, nutritionists, college students and local soyfood industry practitioners attended the event.
ITF Chairman Made Astawan emphasized the health benefits of soybean and its derivative products.  He explained the scientific benefits of soyfood consumption and discredited myths and misinformation related to reported negative health effects of soyfood consumption.  USSEC’s Technical Manager for the soyfood program, Dadi Maskar, promoted tempe as a gift from Indonesia to the world.  He discussed ITF-USSEC activities and further promoted National Tempe Day.
The event received a positive response by the audience, especially from vegan society members who acknowledged that soyfood products such as tempe, tofu and soymilk are important nutrient sources for their society members.  Suggestions were made to continue these programs, seminars, training, and educational sessions to promote the health benefits of soy to reach out to more audiences in the Indonesian nation.
The program provides a good example of collaboration between non-profit organizations such as USSEC, ITF, IVS and universities with support from the private sector in conducting education sessions for the society.  The event was well-covered by local media.

Mr. Maskar and Dr. Astawan speak at the seminar.
Mr. Maskar and Dr. Astawan speak at the seminar.