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USSEC Conducts Soy in Dairy Nutrition Seminar in Morocco, Works with Local Dairy Operations in One on One Meetings

USSEC conducted a dairy nutrition seminar at the Le Dewan Hotel in Rabat, Morocco on May 28.  The seminar gave an overview of the nutrition and feeding of dairy herds in order to educate nutritionists and technical operation managers on methods of improving feed quality and management.  Higher inclusion levels of US hipro soybean meal in dairy cattle diets were emphasized to improve performance and overall production efficiency.
Dr Sergio Calsamiglia Blancafort, professor at the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, and Dr Charles Stallings, professor at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, gave presentations to select participants from top dairy operations.  Dr. Calsamiglia Blancafort and Dr. Stallings, experts in dairy nutrition production and management, together with local USSEC consultant Benabdeljelil K., met with two different size dairy operations to provide technical assistance during one on one meetings.  The participating companies represent about 65% of the soybean meal users in the local dairy sector and are the main users of soy products (mostly soybean meal and soy hulls).
USSEC provides technical and commercial support in improving dairy operation productivity by increasing the nutrition and feeding knowledge of nutritionists and experienced managers through such programs; the ultimate objective of these high impact programs has been to increase sourcing for U.S. soy products.  Previous USSEC-implemented programs supported the growth and development of dairy operations in Morocco’s market, which is the largest dairy market in the Maghreb region.

USSEC Soy in Dairy Nutrition Seminar, Morocco