USSEC Conducts Short Seminar 
on Pricing and Risk Management 
of Soybean Meal in Mexico

Earlier this year in Aguascalientes, Mexico, USSEC conducted trade and technical service for area producers and grain merchandisers.
At the invitation of the Bartlett’s CEO in Mexico, USSEC consultant Gerardo Luna conducted a short seminar on pricing and risk management for the team, which included more than 20 staff.
While covering the basics of basis trading and futures and
options, discussions evolved around specific topics such
as margining, collaterals, options premiums, and strategies
involving a combination of tools. This ended up being a
timely training opportunity as participants had recently started hedging their soybean meal imports through a brokerage firm that is a USSEC member. 
 Throughout the seminar, participants shared ideas on how they could further service some of their customers in their pricing needs, as these tools could be of strong support to their marketing efforts of U.S. soybean meal in the region. Sales have consistently scaled up among feed processors, milk, and livestock producers.
As part of the seminar, Mr. Luna shared the U.S. Soy Sustainability Assurance Protocol (SSAP) and certificates. He also supplied copies of the SSAP as well as other relevant materials; all are resources that will help in customers’ further understanding and communication of the U.S. Soy sustainability message.