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USSEC Conducts 11th Seminar of Soy in Social Programs in Latin America


USSEC conducted its XI Seminar of Soy in Social Programs in Latin America on July 3 and August 1 in Cancun, Mexico.
The event was organized by USSEC Americas Regional Director Francisco de la Torre, USSEC Americas Regional Manager Nayeli Vilanova and USSEC consultants Adela Pérez, Belinda Pignotti and Julio Chaves.  The goal of this activity was to promote the use of U.S. soy protein and U.S. soybean oil in social and government programs in Latin America.  Around 100 key decision makers from government, social agencies and private industry from Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Panamá, El Salvador, Peru, Guatemala, Honduras, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic attended this seminar.  The event consisted of about twenty conferences covering topics such as biotechnology, soyfoods, nutrition and health, and successful experiences on the use of soyfoods in social and government programs in Latin America.  United Soybean Board (USB) Director Johnny Dodson and American Soybean Association (ASA) Director Sam Butler discussed sustainability, production systems and genetically modified seeds.
Event participants obtained awareness on soy uses and the availability of soyfoods, technical knowledge on soybeans, motivation to include soy in their programs, confidence in soyfoods, and made good contacts to develop new strategies.  This seminar was a successful demand building activity for U.S. soybeans.  Through this annual seminar, USSEC continues working with government and social agencies in the region to convince them about health and nutritional advantages that can be obtained by incorporating U.S. soy into their food programs.