soybean field

USSEC China Promotes the Benefits of U.S. Soy in Swine Production

USSEC conducted two swine and feed seminars in collaboration with feed companies Shanghai Xinnong, Jiangsu Wanruida and Beijing Dorun.  Participants included 380 producers in Zhengzhou, Henan Province and Jinan, Shandong Province, where over 100 million hogs are produced each year.
USSEC technical staff and local experts presented to the participants various technical topics including:

  • Benefits of U.S. soy in swine nutrition
  • Optimizing utilization of plant proteins in animal feed
  • Advanced swine technologies and disease prevention and control
  • Formulating high quality piglet diets
  • Properly selecting additives and vitamins to improve pig feed quality
  • Physiological functions of probiotics and prebiotics in animal gut.

It is expected that the seminars will help swine producers and swine feed manufacturers in the region improve their productivity and demand for more soy, especially U.S. soy products.

Dr. Richard Han, USSEC AU Technical Director, is presenting on “Optimizing Utilization of Plant Protein Feedstuffs” for 180 swine/feed customers in Jinan, Shandong Province.

An initial survey showed that 80% of the participants were aware of the benefits of using soy products from U.S. soybeans and 70% would like to adopt the new swine technologies presented by the speakers.  Around half of the participating swine farmers intend to use 2-3% more soybean meal in young pig diets, instead of other protein sources, when they return to their farms.
USSEC AU Technical Director Dr. Richard Han, AU Technical Consultant Sam Shi as well as AU Program Manager Ms. Sunny Zhang joined five local speakers to present the above mentioned topics to seminar participants.