USSEC CEO Marks 10 Years at Helm

USSEC CEO Jim Sutter was recognized for 10 years of service during USSEC’s annual meeting.

During the U.S. Soybean Export Council’s Annual Meeting, held March 10, the Board of Directors recognized Jim Sutter as he marked 10 years as chief executive officer.

“This organization is so fortunate to have you. Your display of enthusiasm for this industry is as great today as the day you started,” said USSEC Chairman Monte Peterson. “I want to thank you for your leadership and congratulations on a successful first 10 years.”

USSEC COO Ed Beaman presented Sutter’s award on behalf of the entire USSEC global team, saying, “His commitment to the company – his commitment to the team – is beyond reproach.” Beaman also said Sutter sets an example as a role model for USSEC’s core values and encourages open discussion and debate to find the best solutions to problems.

“Finally, Jim is a good steward of USSEC and its employees. This global pandemic has been a real challenge for CEOs around the world,” he continued. “Jim has taken advice, followed the guidelines, and has done all within his power to protect USSEC’s No. 1 asset: Its people!””

“I cannot do anything by myself,” Sutter said as he accepted his award. “It is all because of the team we have at USSEC, our board of directors, all of our members and the partnership we have with ASA [American Soybean Association], USB [United Soybean Board], and all of USSEC’s members.

“I am very proud of the progress we’ve made over the past decade to open and expand global markets as we work to create preference and demand for high-quality, sustainable, reliable U.S. Soy. I am privileged to work with our grower leaders and USSEC’s talented and dedicated staff around the world to help build, protect, and expand markets.

“USSEC’s work to build and foster relationships has been critical to this effort. Relationships have been key to great export growth not only in places like China, but in a number of emerging markets where we are making great progress. And our team’s work to promote the U.S. Soy Advantage – exceptional composition, reliable supply, sustainable farming practices, and innovation – is starting to make a real difference in how buyers value soy and soy products.

“The past 10 years haven’t always been easy. We’ve faced quite an array of challenges that have ranged from droughts and floods to trade wars and even a global pandemic. I always say I’m a glass half full optimist and I remain so – I am energized by the progress we’ve made, and I look forward to what lies ahead for U.S. Soy.”