USSEC at IPPE 2024: Nourishing the Value Chain through Collaboration, Trust, and Teamwork 

The International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia, marked an excellent start to the year for the U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC), highlighting our role within the soy supply chain and beyond in providing access to high-quality protein that contributes to global food security. Our presence at the event was not just about highlighting our expertise but also about strengthening the trust and reliability that is associated with USSEC and our partners. 

A Hub of Solutions and Trust 

We welcomed professionals from numerous countries, reflecting the global trust in USSEC, further bolstered by the event's record attendance of over 35,000. This trust originates from our commitment to providing solutions through our vast network of relationships honed over years of collaboration and partnership.  

Engagement That Leads to Value 

Engagement at IPPE 2024 went beyond simple inquiries. Our luncheon presentation prompted stakeholders across the soy value chain to consider, "What is critical to quality in your role?" This question sparked dialogue for understanding the diverse needs and challenges within the value chain. Joined by USSEC CEO, Jim Sutter, we engaged with a wide array of professionals — from grower leaders to food producers — emphasizing the importance of consistency, reliability, and sustainability as quality's foundational pillars. Insights shared by Daryl Cates, Illinois; Jerry Slocum, Mississippi; and Jordan Scott, South Dakota - highlighted this shared commitment to quality and sustainability at the start of the soy value chain as grower leaders representing our Qualified State Soybean Boards. 

A Network of Relationships 

The diverse representatives from the soy supply chain visiting our booth and attending the luncheon demonstrated the importance of relationships in our work. The richness of our interactions forms the core of our ability to offer comprehensive solutions. This allows us to gather insights, anticipate trends, and tackle challenges promptly. In doing so, we are ensuring international customers of U.S. Soy benefit through the resilience and innovation of the U.S. Soy value chain. 

Nourishing Your Businesses 

Looking forward, we are motivated by the engagement and opportunities we experienced at IPPE 2024. We are honored to be able to nourish both animals and businesses with the quality of U.S. Soy.  

Our journey continues with the confidence that we are helping shape a resilient, sustainable, and thriving U.S. Soy industry toward greater nutrition and food security globally.  

This story was partially funded by U.S. Soy farmers, their checkoff, and the soy value chain.