USSEC Announces 2018 Board of Directors

USSEC is pleased to announce the newly elected and appointed members to the organization’s Board of Directors for 2018.
Over the last two months, USSEC has conducted its annual election and appointments process to select its Board of Directors for 2018. The 2018 USSEC Board of Directors is as follows:
Allied Sub-Class

  • Sharon Covert, Grower Leader, Illinois Soybean Association
  • Dawn Scheier, Grower Leader, South Dakota Soybean Research & Promotion Council—newly elected

Exporter Sub-Class

  • Chris Arnold, The Scoular Company
  • Brandon Bickham, The DeLong Company
  • Matt Hopkins, ADM—newly elected
  • Aaron Skyberg, Healthy Food Ingredients (SK Food International, Inc.)—reelected
  • Jim Traub, Clarkson Grain Company

ASA Appointments

  • Stan Born, Grower Leader, Illinois—newly appointed
  • Brian Kemp, Grower Leader, Iowa—newly appointed
  • Monte Peterson, Grower Leader, North Dakota
  • Kevin Scott, Grower Leader, South Dakota—reappointed

USB Appointments

  • Todd Gibson, Grower Leader, Missouri
  • Derek Haigwood, Grower Leader, Arkansas—reappointed
  • Darren Kadlec, Grower Leader, North Dakota—newly appointed
  • Doug Winter, Grower Leader, Illinois

“These new members are a true asset to the USSEC team, and I hope that everyone will join us in congratulating all of our Board Members,” says CEO Jim Sutter. “USSEC is grateful for their service in helping to optimize the utilization and value of U.S. Soy around the globe.”
The seating of the new board will take place on February 26 during the USSEC Annual Board Meeting in Anaheim, California.
Retiring board members include:
Allied Sub-Class

  • Don Wyss, Grower Leader, Indiana Soybean Alliance


  • John Heisdorffer, Grower Leader, Iowa
  • Jim Miller, Grower Leader, Nebraska

Exporter Sub-Class

  • John Wright, Owensboro Grain


  • Jimmy Sneed, Grower Leader, Mississippi

“We are very grateful to these members and thank them for their hard word and dedication to the U.S. Soy industry,” says Mr. Sutter.
For questions regarding the elections and appointments process, please contact Kipp Westmark.