U.S. Soy Producers Travel to Indonesia for Field to Market Mission

The U.S. Soy Producers Mission (USSPM) is a market access initiative designed to provide a team of U.S. Soy grower leaders with the opportunity to learn and gather knowledge, as well as experience firsthand some of the ongoing investments that the U.S. Soy family has made in a major U.S. Soy destination. Similar to last year, the USSPM was scheduled to coincide with one of USSEC Southeast Asia’s regional business development conferences, the AG Supply Chain Asia 2018. This helps the U.S. Soy delegation to engage and connect with regional customers and the agriculture industry. Members of the USSPM were also invited to participate in the U.S. ag producers’ forum during the event to take questions and share on matters concerning U.S. Soy production.
The team, which consisted of grower leaders and staff from Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, Ohio, and Minnesota, was accompanied by USSEC representatives Will McNair, QSSB & Industry Relations Manager; Eric Gibson, Stakeholder Relations Coordinator; and Nayeli Vilanova, Director for Human/Oil Programs.

AT THE AG SUPPLY CHAIN ASIA 2018 (L-R): John Longley (Director, IL SOY), Eric Woodie (Trade Consultant IL SOY), Will McNair (USSEC), Robert Moore (Director MSPC), Jeffry Frank (Director IA SOY), Sharon Covert (Director IL SOY and USSEC Secretary), Bill Blass (Board Member OH SOY & Director Soy Aquaculture Alliance), Kathy Mauer (International Marketing Director MSPC), Jamie Beyer (Vice President MSGA), David Droste (Director ILSOY), Eric Gibson (USSEC)

Visit to UD Pendekar Tempe Sakti Tempe Producer
The industry tour started in Surabaya on March 23, where the team visited a progressive tempe production facility UD Pendekar Tempe Sakti, owned and managed by Soetono Liem. Mr. Liem sells tempe under the brand ‘HIENAK,’ which means healthy and delicious. Established in 2014, UD Pendekar Tempe Sakti has evolved to become a recognized Tempe producer that pays close attention to hygiene and quality. The company has also received ISO 9001 certification for its efforts.

Mr Liem taking a group picture with the U.S. Soy Producers Mission at his factory; Bill Blass trying out one of the company’s delivery motor vehicles for size; Jeffry Frank riding on of the modified motorcycles attached to a chassis to carry a larger product load

Visit to Nusa Prima Logistik Agri Port
In the afternoon, the U.S. SPM visited a newly developed agri port facility Nusa Prima Logistik (NPLog), established by a consortium of three large local companies: PT FKS Multi Agro Tbk. (feed ingredient supplier), PT Charoen Pokphand Indonesia Tbk. (poultry integrator), and PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia Tbk. (poultry integrator). Nusa Prima Logistik is the largest agricultural port facility in the country, and the capacity of its integrated transit warehouse is 200,000 metric tons (MT), consisting of 80,000 MT of 10 silo storages and 120,000 MT of 2 flat storages with a total capacity up to 5,000,000 MT/year.

Clockwise: Nusa Prima Logistik team providing US SPM a detailed presentation on the facility; Will McNair presenting Mr. Farhan Gunawan, Commissioner, PT. FKS Multiagro, with a token of appreciation; US SPM touring the port facility

Visit to PT. Sinar Indochem (Feed Miller)
On March 24, the U.S. team visited PT. Sinar Indochem, a commercial animal feed manufacturer. This factory is equipped with the latest technology in feed milling production, including a hygienizer and micro dossing system. It is equipped with a modern laboratory facility to ensure sustainable quality assurance for their customers. The company also produces full fat soybean to supply to large feed millers such as the CP Group.

L-R: US SPM visiting the warehouse filled with Argentine SBM; Will McNair presenting a token of appreciation to Mr Hendri Koesijono, Manager; the company’s product indicating from America (USA); Sharon Covert sharing a picture with one of the owners

The second leg of the industry tour, for the next 2 days continued in Jakarta.
March 26
Visit to Rumah Tempe Indonesia (House of Tempe)
Through the efforts of the Indonesia Tempe Forum, Mercy Corps, and USSEC, Rumah Tempe Indonesia was established as a model production facility for local Indonesian tempe producers to learn how to better produce tempe under hygienic conditions to meet food safety standards using better production systems and practices. The House of Tempe was inaugurated on June 6, 2012 and has become the center for best practices and innovation for tempe production.

L-R: Group photo in front of the model production facility at the House of Tempe; Jeffry Frank observing the Tempe product and packaging; the US SPM taste testing freshly cooked Tempe and other Tempe-based products at the facility

Visit to Yun-Yi Tofu Producer and Restauranteur
YUN‐YI tofu was established in 1940 by Liauw Hon Tjan in Bandung. In the early days, the tofu production process used very simple equipment and mainly supplied the local traditional markets. Today, YUN‐YI tofu is sold not only in traditional markets but can also be found on the shelves of modern retailers. The company runs its the production in four factories located in Bandung, Bogor and Bekasi (West Java), and Semarang (Central Java). YUN‐YI uses high quality soybeans as the main ingredient to produce tofu and is one of the pioneers of tofu production, strictly observing hygiene and food safety standards. They have received Halal and health certificates and have their tofu products’ nutrition facts verified by the leading national surveyor, SUCOFINDO.

L-R: Group photo in front of the restaurant with the owner’s son, Mr Theovilus Liwanjaya (top left in red); US SPM team photo and briefing by Theovilus on the company’s production process for tofu.

Visit to Cisarua Mountain Dairy or Cimory (Soymilk Producer)
Bambang Sutantio, the founder of Cimory, established the company in 2004 as a subsidiary of the Makro Group, providing high quality dairy products such as fresh milk and yogurt as well as soy‐based products to include soymilk and silk tofu. In addition to dairy shops and processing facilities located in West and Central Java, the company also manages some restaurants in the same location.

L-R: US SPM touring the facility grounds with the owner, Bambang Sutantio; layout of the production facility still incomplete as waiting for more machinery to arrive – plans to use Tetra Pak equipment for packaging the soymilk; group photo

March 27
Visit to PT. Sinta Prima Feed Mill (SPF)
Currently, the Sinta Group of companies consists of three integrated companies: PT SPF, known as one of the market leaders for freshwater fish feed; PT Padma Karya Prima, which manages poultry breeding farms; and PT Sinta Maju Abadi, which runs commercial broiler farms. With over 30 years of experience coupled with a strong distribution network, the Sinta Group is well placed to continue to develop the animal feed industry and build integration towards processed food products.

Clockwise: US SPM touring the facility grounds with the company Director, Mr Frengky Ang; company warehouse filled with Argentine and Brazilian soybean meal – a shipment of U.S. soybean meal was coming in later that week; feed milling and bagging operations

.Tour of catfish farm
The team proceeded to the catfish farm in Ciseeng District, Parung, Bogor, West Java. Bogor Regency, especially the sub‐district of Ciseeng, has emerged as the largest supplier of catfish to the greater Jakarta area. Rice farmers in Ciseeng have converted their paddy fields into fishponds for better income. High fish feed prices, however, have become the main challenge for the local farmers to sustain their fish farms. Some catfish growers have given up their ponds and replaced them with banana plants, selling the leaves to tempe producers for packaging.

Group photo with the owner of the catfish farm (holding the U.S. Soy poster)

Reception at the U.S. Ambassador’s Residence
The Honourable Joseph R. Donovan Jr., a career member of the Foreign Service, Class of Minister-Counselor, was sworn in as United States Ambassador to the Republic of Indonesia in 2016. The Ambassador kindly offered to host a reception for the U.S. Soy Producer Mission at his residence, extending the invitation to over 70 industry representatives and U.S. cooperators.

L-R: Timothy Loh, Kathy Mauer, Mdm Mei Chou Wu, Nayeli Vilanova, Eric Gibson, Sharon Covert, U.S. Ambassador, Will McNair, John Longley, Kipp Westmark, David Droste, Robert Moore, Jamie Beyer