U.S. Soy Grower Leaders Attend Crush Con in Ecuador

American Soybean Association (ASA) secretary and Ohio farmer Bret Davis and United Soybean Board (USB) director and Indiana farmer Tom Griffiths recently traveled to Ecuador to take part in Crush Con.
USSEC hosted nearly 60 soybean crushers, refiners and customers from Latin America and the Caribbean for U.S. Soy Americas Crush Con 2019. The event, held Dec. 3-5 in Quito, Ecuador, provided soy industry leaders the opportunity to grow relationships with new and existing customers and showcase the latest innovations in the industry.
Presentations and discussions featured a number of topics ranging from high oleic soybean oil to sustainability. Leaders from USSEC, various subject matter experts and American farmers highlighted how U.S. Soy is uniquely positioned in the global market to meet their needs.
Crush Con also featured information on high oleic soybean oil, which is growing in popularity. High oleic soybean oil offers improved functional and nutritional characteristics, including lower saturated fat and three times the amount of beneficial monounsaturated fatty acids compared to many conventional vegetable oils, and a neutral flavor that consumers prefer. Attendees saw the benefits first-hand through educational presentations, as well as cooking demonstrations with professional chefs.
“It’s always beneficial to meet with customers face-to-face,” says Kevin Roepke, USSEC Regional Director for the Americas. “This event gives us a platform to learn more about their preferences and market trends but also acknowledge innovations that could benefit their businesses in the near-term.”
“Around the world, we’re seeing customers’ incredible emphasis on marketing the sustainability of their products,” says Jim Sutter, CEO of USSEC. “My colleagues will showcase U.S. soybean farmers’ commitment and inherent responsibility to produce a high-quality product to our Latin American customers at Crush Con.”
“It’s important to highlight the multiple benefits that soybeans provide,” explains Mr. Davis. “Whether it’s sustainability or high oleic soybean oil, these attributes and unique products provide added value to our international markets, and it’s critical that we highlight these differentiating qualities during Crush Con. Meeting our customers’ needs is our number one priority.”
“U.S. Soy is the most sustainable soybean in the world,” states Mr. Griffiths. “From a meal crush standpoint, it’s the most complete soybean in the world. We have an infrastructure that is second to none. It allows us to deliver you a consistent, quality, sustainable product in a timely, efficient and economical manner.”

ASA secretary Bret Davis
Group photo
USSEC Regional Director - Americas Kevin Roepke
USB director Tom Griffiths