U.S. Soy Grower Leader to Participate in Next Set of U.S. Soy Advantage Seminars in EU

USSEC’s series of special marketing seminars, “Experience Today’s U.S. Soy Advantage” is set to continue in the EU this week as the next set of meetings take place in Italy, Spain, and Portugal. USSEC vice chairman and American Soybean Association (ASA) director Monte Peterson will be traveling to the EU for the seminars.
These seminars provide current and potential customers of U.S. Soy with in-depth information about the U.S. Soy Advantage. This activity supports USSEC’s “What it Takes” initiative by aiming to raise the awareness of the intrinsic and extrinsic values of U.S. Soy and build a preference for U.S. Soy and soy products with international companies in targeted markets.
Under “What it Takes,” USSEC has looked at international markets for U.S. Soy with incremental growth potential and put together projections for the amount of exports needed to all of those markets to make up for volume losses to China. The USSEC team is focused on helping to achieve the “What it Takes” goals so that the level of U.S. Soy exports, approximately 60 percent of total production, is maintained.
Around the world, USSEC is leveraging its relationships in a host of markets, connecting buyers and sellers to encourage a longer term trading program that extends beyond the typical seasonality as it plans events as part of USSEC’s larger trade mitigation work.
More U.S. Soy Advantage seminars are slated to take place in Taiwan and Japan in early spring.