Thai Customers Visits U.S. Exporters

USSEC Southeast Asia invited 10 members of Thailand Importers Group (TIG), all medium size feed mills, to visit the U.S. from July 8 – 14.
During the trip, the team learned about new soybean farming technologies at Johnson Farm in Minnesota, and also got a clearer picture of transloader at Gavilon in Iowa. Port visits to Temco and Grays Harbor were also a great experience for the team to overview the loop of inland and ocean transportation to export U.S. soybeans.
The team had interactive meetings with several exporters, including AGP, CHS, Enerfo, International Feed, Scoular, and Stone Arch Commodities.   One team member finalized a purchase order of U.S. soybeans and soybean meal with a total value of $22 million USD.