Taiwan Company Using SUSS Logo on New Product’s Packaging



Wei-Chuan, the Taiwan-based manufacturer of Chinese condiments, canned goods, drinks, and frozen goods is now using the Sustainable U.S. Soy (SUSS) logo for its new product, whole soybeans in vacuum, in addition to its soymilk products.
In 2016, USSEC rolled out the SUSS logo in a pilot program in North Asia and the Philippines. As more and more consumers around the world expect sustainable products, corporations are demanding supply chain sustainability, elevating sustainability from a “want” to a “need.”
The U.S. Soybean Sustainability Assurance Protocol (SSAP) provides third-party sustainability verification that helps businesses meet and document sustainability demand, and SUSS adds value by helping businesses adhere to their corporate sustainability policies and supplier guiding principles, thus differentiating themselves from their competition. Companies who use the SUSS logo sign a sustainability license agreement with USSEC and can use the sustainability seal on their packaging, as well as in internal brochures and videos, with customers, and at trade shows.
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