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SSAP, U.S. Sustainability Featured in French Ag Think Tank Article

The U.S. soy industry was prominently featured in an article on U.S. sustainability programs.  The piece was written by Marie-Cecile Hénard-Damave, Head of Innovation and Markets at Saf agr'iDée, a French agricultural think tank.  Ms. Hénard-Damave was part of a European delegation that traveled to the U.S. in October to visit U.S. farms and learn more about sustainability.
The article discusses how U.S. farmers are practicing sustainability.  Ms. Hénard-Damave describes agro-environmental practices used in the Mississippi River basin and the Chesapeake Bay area before moving on to highlight the U.S. soy sustainability assurance protocol.
She concludes, “ . . .above all, [U.S. farmers] see this as a way to ensure the future of their own farms, mainly family farms inherited from previous generations and which they want to leave to future generations in the best possible condition.”
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US agroenvironmental practices for economic & environmental sustainability