Philippine Aquaculture Stakeholders Learn about IPRS

Philippine aquaculture stakeholders learned about in pond raceway systems (IPRS) that are already in place in Thailand.
On July 22, USSEC Thailand Technical Manager-Aquaculture Chuchai Kanjanamayoon presented IPRS construction in Thailand to a team at Feedmix factory in Bulacan, Philippines. This seminar helped the Filipinos to understand the concept, operation, equipment, and benefits of the system that will impact the industry. Mr. Kanjanamayoon discussed IPRS construction from the beginning, including site selection, water volume, the number of IPRS cells, and detailed an equipment list such as white water units, cell walls, cell dimensions, waste collection, the type of IPRS (both fixed and floating), flow of water volume, open water, appropriate stocking density, management, design, and feeding. Details of the IPRS construction of Manit Farm in Thailand were presented and the Philippine team will contact Manit farm to visit when the system there is fully operational.
The engaged audience asked many questions, making plans to study and invest in their own farm. The company was very interested in IPRS and wants to implement the system. The staff visited China on an IPRS trip from August 4 to 9, bringing back additional knowledge to start their IPRS program.
Implementation of the IPRS system in the Philippines will increase aquaculture productivity and is environmentally sustainable. Feed usage will be increased and, ultimately, U.S. Soy usage will also increase.