North Dakota Trade Office Leads Southeast Asia Trade Mission for Northern Food Grade Soybean Association Members

The North Dakota Trade Office, led by Jiwon Kim, Manager of Business Development, coordinated a trade mission to Southeast Asia to coincide with USSEC’s 13th Southeast Asia Soy Food Symposium. The 2-day event hosted over 135 participants from across Southeast Asia that are involved in various aspects of the food industry such as research and development, product marketing, food technologists, nutritionists and health professionals, importers/traders, soy foods, and soy beverage producers, as well as representatives from government ministries.

The companies and their representatives that participated in the North Dakota Trade Mission included Bob Sinner, President, SB&B Foods Inc.; Rick Brandenburger, President, Richland IFC Inc.; Jeff Pricco, President, JB Global LLC.; Curt Petrich, President, HC International Inc.; and Atsuko Uchiyama, Asia Director, SunOpta Inc.
USSEC organized a special networking session for a select group of importers and end users from across the region that were attending the Soy Food Symposium to meet with North Dakota food grade soybean suppliers to discuss and explore business opportunities for U.S. Soy.

(Left to right): Bob Sinner meeting with customers from Vietnam and Philippines; Rick Brandenburger meeting with customers from Philippines and Indonesia; Atsuko Uchiyama meeting with customers from Indonesia and Thailand; and Curt Petrich and Jeff Pricco meeting with customers from Indonesia and Philippines.