soybean field

ISGA Mission Taking Place in Beijing

Soybean farmers from Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and the United States make up the International Soy Growers Alliance and are meeting with Chinese officials this week.
In the global marketplace – competition between nations is fierce to get a piece of the soybean market in China.  This week, several of those suppliers are putting aside their differences to meet with Chinese officials to talk about biotechnology.
American Soybean Association president and Iowa farmer Ray Gaesser and Jared Hagert, USB Treasurer and North Dakota farmer, are participating in the mission.
Mr. Gaesser says that while they are competitors, they are all farmers and want to provide more for their customers.  “As farmers we’re confident in the technology,” he says.  “We’re confident there will be an improvement in supply and certainty in the supply of soybeans to everyone around the world.  It’s a group of nations and farmers from those nations that have like initiatives and very similar goals for modern agriculture,” he says.  “That means the use of biotechnology, the use of environmentally friendly practices in all of our countries.  Our farmers are quickly accepting the biotechnology.”  
Two years ago the group met with officials in Europe to talk about the importance of biotechnology.  This week, they are meeting with Chinese officials.  “Our message to the Chinese will be about the benefits they will receive from biotechnology,” he says.  “That means having a more certain soybean supply for their needs - not only for their animal agriculture but their citizens.”
The group will meet with several agencies and organizations this week in Beijing.