Indonesia Tempe & Tofu Producers Hold Annual Meeting

The Tempe & Tofu Producer Cooperative/Association (KOPTI) Bogor District held its annual meeting on January 11. The meeting was attended by all 82 active members of KOPTI Bogor, plus representatives from KOPTI West Java Province, Mr. Hugo and Mr. Asep, and representatives from the Department of Cooperatives and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) Bogor District.
USSEC Indonesia consultants Dadi Maskar and Muhammad Ridha participated in the meeting. Dr. Maskar delivered remarks on behalf of USSEC, congratulating KOPTI Bogor and its members for their great achievements in the past year. He also conveyed the support of USSEC and the commitment to continue the good collaboration between USSEC and KOPTI. Tempe and tofu producers who are mostly are KOPTI member are loyal U.S. soybean customers. Their preference for U.S. soybeans attests to the value and quality of U.S. Soy as well as the continued support from the U.S. Soy industry through USSEC programs.
Indonesia is the world’s second-largest consumer of soybeans for direct human consumption. Tempe and tofu makers who are SMEs are the largest soybean consumers in Indonesia, accounting for nearly 90 percent of total domestic soybean consumption. Tempe and tofu manufacturers prefer U.S. soybeans’ texture and quality.
The Foreign Agricultural Services (FAS) – Jakarta expects Indonesian consumption of soy will reach 2.99 million metric tons (MMT) in 2017/18, a 3 percent increase over the previous marketing year. Indonesia imported 2.4 MMT of soybeans in MY 2016/17. This amount is expected to continue to grow, as local production remains stagnant.
In the election of KOPTI board of Bogor District for the service years 2018 – 2023, Mr. Sukhaeri was re-elected as Chairman, with Mr. Rikamto as Treasurer and Mr. Endang Maulana as Secretary of KOPTI Kab Bogor. With the election of the new board, it is expected that the good cooperation that has existed between USSEC and KOPTI Kab Bogor will be continued to help improve the tempe and tofu industry in Indonesia.

Dr. Dadi Maskar delivered a speech on behalf of USSEC at the KOPTI Bogor Annual Meeting