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HY+Q Program Featured in FFA Magazine

The High Yield PLUS Quality program was featured in the winter 2016-17 edition of the Future Farmers of America’s (FFA) national magazine, New Horizons.
The HY+Q program is used to receiving soybean samples from farmers and agribusinesses across the U.S., but was surprised to get samples from high school students in Rantoul, Illinois. The program’s goal is to make sure U.S. Soy is the highest quality, highest value and most competitive in the world marketplace.
The students’ soybean samples were compared with other samples submitted from farms in their area and tested for protein (amino acids) and oil content. Then the HY+Q Program sent the students back a report and visited Rantoul High School in April to give a presentation and connect with students on a deeper level. They learned via Webinar from USSEC Regional Director – Southeast Asia Tim Loh about the number of countries that U.S. farmers touch, the value of U.S. soybean exports, growth in U.S. exports, and the Asian soybean market.
John Osthus, HY+Q Program Lead said, “We wanted to build awareness with students about how soybean yield and quality helps local economies and connects them to the world.”
USSEC teamed up with the HY+Q program in 2016 to help soybean farmers, agribusinesses, and the U.S. Soy family join forces in new ways to increase soybean value from seed to feed. This teamwork measures, maps, and spotlights U.S. composition excellence while encouraging continual improvement. Mapping data differently looks deeper into how location and agronomic factors affect composition. The 2016 harvest brought farmers in every soybean production state together with 17 multinational and regional feed companies. USSEC, HY+Q, farmer and industry teamwork helps show everyone the U.S. means business about delivering an unsurpassed product to customers.
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