soybean field

Farm Visits Increase Chinese Customer Confidence in U.S. Soy

USSEC recently hosted a team of 20 Chinese feed mill staff and animal producers to learn more about U.S. soy and livestock production and attend the International Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis. The team visited Kansas State University to hear about new technology in livestock production and management as well as tour dairy farms, feed mills, a feed processing integrator, soybean farms and a grain elevator.The participants expressed interest learning about how the U.S. grain storage and distribution systems work together to deliver a consistent and reliable soy supply for domestic and international customers. The trip increased the Chinese team’s confidence level in the sustainability and availability of U.S. soy to meet their growing demands and continue to support economic growth and industry development in China. The Chinese team also saw first-hand the advantages of using a soy-based diet in dairy production and see soy playing an important role in increasing the productivity of the dairy industry in China.
The Kansas, Iowa and Illinois state soybean associations co- hosted the team. Richard Han, animal utilization technical director; Leo Liu, technical manager; and Sunny Zhang, program manager, escorted the group.