Dominican Poultry Customers Receive Technical Assistance

USSEC provided technical assistance in the form of one-on-one visits to poultry producers and technicians in the Dominican Republic in August 2017.
USSEC consultants Pedro Pablo Lora and Miguel Marquez worked with U.S. Soy customers in Santiago, Licey, Moca, and Santo Domingo to provide scientific support.
At DIGEGA (DIRECCON GENERAL GAMADERIA), the consultants met with Dr. Dejelia Gomez to talk about the vigilance program for Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease. At IPD, they worked with Dr. Kadia Guzman and her team to discuss new diagnostics for different poultry diseases. Additionally, they had individual meetings with producers (CAC, ADA, APPROAMOLI, COOPCIBAO, IPD) to discuss specific disease and production problems at their farms.
The consultants visited broiler and egg integrated producers producing 40 percent of total monthly production in the area visited of the country, along with reviewing the biosecurity and vaccination programs, plus the active surveillance programs for Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease and provided an analysis of the campaign versus Newcastle and Avian Influenza.