Aquaculture Stakeholders Updated on Feed Formulation Tools in the Americas Region

Growth in aquaculture production continues, creating the need for more sustainable and accessible feeds in the industry.

While aquaculture producers turn toward widely available plant proteins to fill their feed needs, formulations have become much more complex. The U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC) saw an opportunity to position U.S. Soy as a high-quality ingredient in the aquaculture feed industry while helping producers balance their complex rations.

The result? The International Aquaculture Feed Formulation Database (IAFFD).

The IAFFD is the first standardized, commercially oriented, publicly available formulation database for aquaculture. This database helps producers ensure feed is consistent, using high-quality ingredients like U.S. Soy. 

After its launch in 2019, USSEC hosted seminars and workshops in the Americas region. The gatherings briefed aquaculture feed nutritionists and formulators on the IAFFD and demonstrated U.S. Soy’s advantage in aquafeed rations. A second set of seminars and workshops was hosted this year. 

On September 28 and October 1, over 45 nutritionists and formulators tuned in virtually for updates and training on the IAFFD. Participants were also shown an additional formulation opportunity developed for USSEC, the Global Aquaculture Feed Ingredient Mapping Tool. The mapping tool provides information on raw materials and ingredient economics that allows those in the industry to increase efficiency, thus increasing productivity and profitability. The combination of these tools helps set aquaculture producers up for success. 

Caleb Ragland, U.S. Soy farmer and ASA Director from Kentucky provided a look at his operation and the sustainability practices he utilizes on his farm. 

Participants in the second IAFFD seminars and workshops heard from many subject matter experts, USSEC staff and soybean farmer Caleb Ragland of Kentucky. Throughout the workshop, nutritionists and formulators explored the importance of good ingredient profiling as it relates to the presented tools. 

Other presentations focused on a cost-benefit analysis of ingredients. Participants learned nutrition is often more important than price when it comes to feed rations in the industry. 

USSEC plans to host similar events in the future, providing updates on new developments and tools available. As the aquaculture industry continues to grow and progress, so will the importance of sharing U.S. Soy as a valuable component of aquafeed rations and diets. 

Dr. Dominique Bureau presented the advantages of the IAFFD tool.
Dr. Dominique Bureau & Dr. Flavia Damasceno guided a shrimp diet formulation exercise for the Ecuadorian audience. 
Sponsors of the second IAFFD seminars and workshops.