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Zhang Discusses Biotechnology on CCTV in China

USSEC Country Director – China Zhang Xiaoping appeared on China Central Television (CCTV) in early January to discuss and debate the safety of GMOs.
With a high level of misunderstanding about biotechnology leading to mistrust of GMOs among Chinese consumers, it is important for USSEC to continue its education of Chinese stakeholders by providing science-based information about biotech.  A critical aspect of USSEC’s strategy to help boost the Chinese market for U.S. soy includes building the confidence of consumers by explaining real facts pertaining to safety and health, the environment, agricultural practices, and scientific and medical resources as they pertain to GMOs.
Mr. Zhang begins to talk about GMO technology at the 22:37 mark in this link:
CCTV has a network of 45 channels broadcasting different programs and is accessible to more than one billion viewers.