soybean field Promotes the Total Quality Experience of U.S. Soy

The U.S. Soy industry is a trusted partner, providing its customers with a Total Quality Experience, high-performing products delivered by the most reliable, consistent and sustainable soy supply chain in the world.
The new site uses this messaging platform and its three pillars, or main messages, that USSEC has established for all of its marketing communications worldwide:

  • Complete Delivery Confidence
  • U.S. Soy’s Performance Advantage
  • Long-Term Partner

These three pillars provide confidence to buyers of U.S. soy that they’ve purchased the very best soybeans available.  These consistent messages reinforce to customers that the U.S. soy family provides a top-notch experience in every way.
Through Complete Delivery Confidence, our customers experience a supply chain that delivers the consistent support, information and infrastructure needed for their business success.  Not only is our delivery time shorter and delivery more reliable, U.S. soy helps customers throughout the value chain and through consistent, strict government inspections, ensures that all customers receive a quality product on time, every time.
U.S. Soy’s Performance Advantage promises soybeans with a high-quality nutrient profile and more nutrients than other beans.  In addition to our superior amino acid profile and content, U.S. soybeans also boast increased metabolizable energy content, a higher total phosphorus content and greater uniformity of nutrients, adding up to better performance.  And we stand behind our product:  U.S. soy provides expert support and technical assistance to our customers worldwide.
Our customers can count on us to be a Long-Term Partner.  The U.S. soy family is helping our customers to measurably and sustainably enhance their businesses through its investment in programs to promote and create demand for U.S. soybeans, bringing suppliers and sellers together and organizing programs to keep current and potential customers informed of developments within the U.S. soy trade that impact supply and prices.  Perhaps most importantly, we’re providing support for research and programs to keep the production of U.S. soy sustainable today and in the future in order to meet our growing world’s emerging needs.