Delivers Greater Insight into International Soy Customers’s publishing platform has continued the progressive movement towards housing U.S. Soy content in one centralized repository to better support the U.S. Soy brand and builds awareness of it with an international audience. is USSEC’s digital content portal, serving knowledge in a user-friendly way that allows visitors to quickly and easily access content that interests, educates, and inspires them. By encouraging them to share the content, the site creates a dialogue that fosters high-level discussions between the soy family and its end users around the globe.
The website helps achieve greater preference for U.S. Soy in several ways:

  • By providing needed and relevant information to drive preference for U.S. Soy
  • By educating audiences on the intrinsic and extrinsic advantages of U.S. Soy
  • By enhancing the user experience to better deliver messaging and content is integrated with a sophisticated customer relationship management (CRM) tool that provides actionable data identifying which messages resonate best within the global marketplace. Armed with these insights, USSEC designed an informed editorial strategy, allowing it to build a subscriber community by promoting compelling content while also pushing out relevant content based on subscribers’ self-selected interests.
USSEC monitors, analyzes, and measures engagement to allow for continual evolution to better serve current subscribers while attracting new ones. In doing so, has built influence, positioned USSEC as a go-to resource, and created a robust network of stakeholders.