soybean field

USSEC Works to Promote Benefit of Soy in Korean Flounder Culture

USSEC recently met and communicated with Korean flounder growers.  Aquaculture Utilization contractor In Soo Shin continues to improve growers’ knowledge about the benefits of using soy in flounder production and the optimum inclusion rates of SBM and SPC in extruded pellet feed.  The flounder growers are enrolled in the Korean government’s program to change aqua feed from fish-based moist pellet feed to protein meal-based extruded pellet feed.  USSEC’s goal is to replace 30% of fish meal with SBM and/or SPC in extruded pellet feed.  Current replacement level is estimated to be 3-12%.  USSEC’s strategy is to educate target groups about the benefits of using SBM and/or SPC in terms of sustainable supply and consistency in quality compared to fish meal.