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USSEC Welcomes Three New Members in June

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On June 2, USSEC’s board of directors voted to add Fornazor International Inc., Freepoint Commodities, and the Missouri Department of Agriculture as its newest members.
Fornazor International is a U.S. trading company 
and feed manufacturer that has been exporting
 commodities globally since 1979. Headquartered in Hillsdale, New Jersey, Fornazor International has developed relationships with multiple feed and grain suppliers throughout North 
America, enabling their feed ingredients product
 line to grow as they have continued to expand
 and develop. Fornazor puts a great deal of emphasis on quality control. It is their business 
plan to continue to develop and manufacture
 new products, seeking new global trading partners while maintaining a distinguished existing customer base.
Freepoint Commodities specializes in both physical commodities and acts as a financer of upper and midstream commodity producing assets.
In March 2011, Freepoint Commodities partnered with Stone Point Capital to build a physical commodity merchant platform. Freepoint Commodities trades in global oil and oil products, global coal, North American gas and power, European gas and power, European Emissions, metals and concentrates, and agricultural products. Freepoint’s agricultural team delivers supply
 chain solutions for both international and domestic customers. In their quest to build strong
 supply chains, Freepoint identifies opportunities to invest in infrastructure bringing the most value to customers.
The Missouri Department of Agriculture, located in Jefferson City, Missouri, is dedicated to the promotion and protection of the state’s agriculture industry. The state has more than 100,000 farms on 28 million acres statewide. Missouri has a tremendous and lengthy agricultural history with the first farms established in the state around 1725. Since the mid 1860s, Missouri farmers have relied on state-run agricultural organizations to provide leadership and guidance. Today, the Missouri Department of Agriculture sets 
agriculture policy and provides assistance to farmers throughout the state. While the department maintains its regulatory functions, its expanded duties include consumer protection, public health roles, environmental advocacy, agricultural marketing, public information and awareness, and promoting new technology and new uses for Missouri’s agricultural goods.