USSEC Provides Trade and Technical Service to Livestock and Poultry Producers in Honduras

USSEC recently provided trade and technical assistance to livestock and poultry producers in Honduras.
USSEC consultant Carlos Campabadal visited two dairy operations in the Tegucigalpa area, where he reviewed feeding systems, gave recommendations to solve metabolic problems that were present at both farms, and reviewed forage programs.
He discussed nutrition and management topics such as transition feeding programs; the use of different types of additives, vitamin and mineral supplementation; and bypass fats, in addition to evaluating production parameters.  Mr. Campabadal also visited a poultry operation, where he discussed how soybean meal is produced; the problems of high levels of soybean hulls in soybean meal; the importance of analyzing the fiber content or the neutral detergent fiber; the optimum values for these two parameters; and the importance of analysis.  Additionally, he helped formulate the diets for digestible amino acids and talked about Honduran poultry production and soybean meal importation statistics.
He also visited Zamorano University, meeting with the president and chairman of the animal science department.  Mr. Campabadal explained USSEC’s purpose and its work in Latin America such as Regional Animal Production Courses (RAPCO).  The president showed interest in holding such courses on the university campus.
Mr. Campabadal’s last stop was at the Zamorano Dairy Unit, where he provided recommendations to improve production parameters.