USSEC Provides Trade Service to Major Clients in Ecuador

USSEC recently provided trade service to major clients in Ecuador.

USSEC consultant Ronald Perez works with the APROBAL group in Guayaquil, Ecuador
USSEC consultant Ronald Perez works with the APROBAL group in Guayaquil,

USSEC consultant Gerardo Luna traveled to Ecuador together with consultants Francisco Cabrera and Ronald Perez to conduct seminars for APROBAL – purchasing pool in Guayaquil; the Ministry of Agriculture and AFABA – the Feed Manufacturers Association and import pool in Quito, and conduct a detailed technical meeting with PRONACA, the largest food / feed processor in the country in Quito.
The seminars’ programs were designed to provide a solid and integral recap of key items relevant to purchasing of grains and oilseeds; and to introduce audiences to the maritime freight markets, market indicators and behavior, the breakdown of a quote, and highlights of a freight contract.  From there, participants worked to differentiate terms and conditions between Free On Board (FOB) and Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) and evaluate a potential transition from the CIF.  The goal was for participants to gain an in-depth view of what a purchasing book is, its nature, scope and practical recommendations on how to manage it, and the benefits resulting from a sound planning and execution of the procurement function.
The team of consultants also worked with a group of middle officers and analysts from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MAGAP) in Quito that reports to the Undersecretary for Agricultural Marketing.  This resulted in a unique opportunity to further service their actual needs of training looking at the markets, analyzing and reporting – providing the actual decision-making support for the undersecretary in charge of import tariffs and licenses.