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USSEC Provides Trade Service to Importers of U.S. Soybean Meal in Dominican Republic

USSEC recently provided trade service to importers of U.S. soybean meal in the Dominican Republic.  Consultant Gerardo Luna traveled to that country to visit individual firms and purchasing pools representing Dominican importers of U.S. soybean meal located in Santo Domingo and Santiago.  These importers have the largest market share amongst different sectors, including integrated operations, feed, livestock, poultry and swine that preserve a critical role in the agricultural and livestock chains in the country.  The objective of the visits was to perform a practical follow-up of the recent two-day Market Analysis Tools seminar conducted by USSEC by providing critical efforts to support customers in their purchasing decision making.  The content of the discussions varied according to customer interest, with most including a presentation on market perspectives.  Mr. Luna also surveyed the customers about their current and expected product needs.

USSEC consultants Fradbelin Escarraman and Pedro Lora from the Dominican Republic attended many of the meetings and provided technical service on quality issues of soybean meal to a purchasing pool of about 25 smaller sized swine, poultry and feed producers.  An agricultural specialist from the U.S. Embassy’s Office of Agricultural Affairs joined the team for visits in the Santiago area.  This type of trade service has been very useful for U.S. soybean meal importers; they have reported economic benefits and have improved their negotiation capacity and action to leverage their commercial relationships with suppliers.

USSEC consultants pose with a representative from the USDA/FAS and a soybean meal importer
USSEC consultants pose with a representative from the USDA/FAS and a soybean
meal importer