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USSEC Provides Technical Support to Colombian Swine Producers Association and its Customers

USSEC recently provided technical support to the Swine Producers Association (ACP) in Colombia and its preferred customers.  USSEC consultant Julio Chaves travelled to Bogota to provide technical support to the ACP and its preferred customers in swine harvest plants, deboning facilities and in the sausage industry.  He visited a sausage plant to continue his review of their formulas, this time developing two new products for the plant.  He also developed a hamburger patty with spices using pork and texturized soy protein (TSP).  Another product developed was a bologna containing TSP, soy concentrate, and pork meat.  Mr. Chaves also participated in a roundtable organized by ACP with representatives from the swine chain including producers, harvest plants, further processors, butchers, and intermediaries.  The meeting’s objective was to discuss the system developed to establish a fair pork market.  The consultant talked about grading and the benefits of new technologies to know precisely the amount of saleable pork.

Mr. Chaves next travelled to Medellin to participate in a roundtable with ACP and the National Institute of Food and Drug Monitoring (INVIMA).  He provided support on several issues, especially training in areas related to pre-harvesting swine handling; harvesting swine; and the handling of pork carcasses post-harvesting.