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USSEC Provides Technical Service to Livestock, Poultry Producers and Feed Mills in Dominican Republic

USSEC recently provided technical service in the Dominican Republic on nutrition and management to livestock, poultry producers and technicians, visiting feed mills as well as giving technical recommendations to feed mills’ staffs and presenting a conference to swine producers.
USSEC consultants Carlos Campabadal and Pedro Lora visited one laying hen operation and six feed mills.  At each place, they discussed different swine and poultry nutrition topics such as the importance of soybean meal quality, use of digestible amino acids in feed formulation, the use of the ideal protein, the importance of pellet quality, the use of soybean oil in young animals, vaccination programs and biosecurity and disease control programs.
They met with the President of the National Council for the Regulation and Promoting of the Dairy Industry (Conaleche) and of the Dominican Republic Poultry Association, where they discussed production statistics and the future of the dairy industry in the Dominican Republic.  They also participated in the grand opening of the animal nutrition laboratory of the Livestock Dominican Institutions.  The president of this institution thanked USSEC for the work and support provided in the development of this laboratory in his speech.
Mr. Campabadal also presented a conference, “Factors Affecting Baby Pigs’ Performance after Weaning,” to members of CoopCibao, one of the largest poultry and swine cooperatives in the Dominican Republic.  35 swine producers attended the symposium.