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USSEC Provides Technical Service to Feed Mills in Mexico

USSEC recently provided technical service in nutrition, quality control and feed technology to a Mexican feed manufacturers association.  Consultant Carlos Campabadal traveled to the state of Jalisco to work with consultant Carlos Espinosa.  The consultants visited the production facilities of six feed mills and provided recommendations in the areas of grinding, mixing, pelleting and grain storage.  They also met with feed mill nutritionists and discussed their formulas, reviewing more than 30 diets.  Mr. Campabadal and Mr. Espinosa met with quality control staff to discuss the different laboratory analyses used to evaluate soybean meal and full fat soybean meal; fat and oil quality; protein and amino acid content; mineral determination; mycotoxins evaluations; pellet quality; and many other topics.  They participated in a meeting with the feed manufacturers association and Mr. Campabadal presented a conference entitled “The Future of the Feed Industry and Animal Production in the World” to their members.  During this meeting Mr. Campabadal answered many questions related to future methods of formulating animal diets; new ingredients, especially new types of soybean meal; animal welfare; environmental requirements; nutrient requirements; and many other questions related to the conference.