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USSEC Provides Technical Service to Dairy Producers and Technicians in Dominican Republic

USSEC recently provided technical service to dairy producers and technicians in the Dominican Republic.  Consultant Carlos Campabadal travelled to the Dominican Republic to provide technical service in nutrition and management to dairy producers and technicians, visiting farms as well as giving technical recommendations to feed mill staffs.  During his trip, the consultant visited five dairy production farms and provided technical service on the development of forage production and feeding systems, explained the problems of using poultry litter in dairy diets, and formulated and reviewed diets.  Mr Campabadal also met with representatives from two dairy producers associations to attend question and answer sessions where he answered questions related to the use of dairy feed; its quality; protein sources such as U.S. soybean meal; forage production systems; use of poultry litter; fertilization program; use of green chops; use and production of silage; dairy reproductive problems; detection of semen quality; use of transition diets; crossing systems; performance of Girolando cows; and many more nutrition, management, milking and reproductive questions.  Mr. Campabadal next visited three feed mills, where they discussed their problems with the analysis of soybean meal, nutrient requirements, use of near infrared (NIR) and many other important nutrition topics.
Mr Campabadal then met with Dominican USSEC consultants Fradbelin Escarraman and Pedro Lora to attend a meeting with the Dominican Republic Department of Agriculture Veterinary Products Registration Department.  This organization is interested in USSEC providing training to its staff on quality control analysis and sampling techniques for ingredients and finished feeds.