soybean field

USSEC Provides Technical Assistance to Poultry and Livestock Producers in Panama

USSEC recently provided technical assistance to a number of feed mills along with several poultry and livestock producers in Panama.

Consultant Carlos Campabadal discussed nutritional topics such as problems with fat and oil sources; issues with other protein sources; feed quality control analysis; the use of digestible amino acids for feed formulation; and feed and management programs for swine, laying hens and broilers.  He also reviewed and formulated diets and differentiated the quality between soybean meals from the U.S. and those from South America.  These topics were discussed with the personnel of several different companies as well as at farm and feed mills visits.

Mr. Campabadal also visited the new Panamanian Swine Production Association to present a conference, “New Concepts in the Sow Feeding Program.”  This organization was formed by 25 swine producers who control 80% of all pigs in the country.  This consultant also participated in another seminar organized by this same association in Santiago de Veraguas where he facilitated two additional conferences discussing nutrition and management topics in addition to issues encountered by the Panamanian Swine Production Association with South American soybean meal.
The future of livestock and poultry production in Panama is very positive as most poultry farms are already using soybean meal diets, so it is important that USSEC continues to emphasize its technical assistance activities in Panama.  There is plenty of room for growth in Panama’s swine production as only a handful of farms are using genetic lines in their current production techniques and will continue to need assistance.