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USSEC Provides Technical Assistance to Aquaculture Farms, Conducts Short Courses for Tilapia Producers in Mexico and Honduras

USSEC consultant Gina Conroy recently visited a high profile tilapia hatchery in Guadalajara, Mexico to provide technical assistance.  Samples were taken to identify the presence of the Francisella bacterium and discuss strategies for its control.  Ms. Conroy next travelled to Campeche, Mexico to conduct two short courses at the Technological University of Campeche for clients of a major balanced feed producer in the region.  The courses were attended by 75 farmers and representatives of cooperatives.  Lectures presented were:  good practices in aquaculture and diseases in tilapia culture; stress in fish culture (environment, physiology and diseases); and bacterial diseases in tilapia.  After the short courses, Ms. Conroy visited the largest tilapia farm in Campeche to assist it in overcoming a problem with the harvesting of the ponds.

In Honduras, Ms. Conroy visited one tilapia farm in the Yojoa Lake area to discuss the high tilapia mortality of recent months, as well as to give recommendations to the technicians on isolating Streptococcus bacteria from the fish.  She also visited a second tilapia farm, located in Chontal, to provide technical assistance and to conduct a short theoretical-practical course to middle range tilapia farmers.