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USSEC Supports Formation of Romanian National Feed Manufacturers Association

USSEC supported the formation of the Romanian National Feed Manufacturers Association (ANFNC). In late November, the organization held its first meeting in Bucharest, where industry representatives decided upon the organization’s structure, board and president.
Iosif Pazuric, owner of Romania’s largest independent feed mill, was elected as the president of the association. The inaugural ANFNC board will also consist of four vice presidents representing feed producers, who were identified as Ioan Antoci of Suinprod, Eda Kizilcelik of Combial, Ioan Jiha of Avicola Buzau SA and Gabriela Coman of InVivo Romania. Iani Chihala, USSEC animal utilization contractor, was named executive director.
After the meeting, the group signed an incorporation document which was submitted to officially register the organization. Next, each of the approximately 20 founding member companies will provide information requested as part of the legal registration process. Chihala expected that ANFNC will be legally registered by the end of February.
Chihala states, “I expect ANFNC to quickly reach 40 members, about half of what the Romanian pig and poultry associations gathered during the past 20 years. A year from now, I expect membership to reach 100. This organization will be a strong voice for the Romanian Feed producers, the largest soybean meal customer in Southeast Europe."
On behalf of the organization, Chihala provided written thanks to Mark Andersen, acting USSEC Regional Director from Europe, for the U.S. farmer support which made the event possible.