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USSEC Supplies Technical Assistance to Tilapia Producers in Guatemala

USSEC provided technical assistance with aquatic animal health, feeding practices and other related issues to six tilapia producers in Guatemala.  USSEC consultants Gina Conroy and Jairo Amezquita visited tilapia farms in Retalhuleu, Areca, Santa Barbara and Rio Dulce and gave guidance on issues related to the tilapia culture.  These recommendations included methods to control oxygen levels in culture ponds during varying environmental temperatures, water management to control metabolic levels, mortality and nutrition management, and good feeding practices, among others.
While in Retalhuleu, Ms. Conroy and Mr. Amezquita, together with a feed manufacturer company representative, conducted a conference for 25 tilapia manufacturers.  Lectures presented at this conference included “USSEC’s Role in the Aquaculture Industry,” “Fish Health Management” and “Better Aquaculture Practices in Tilapia Culture.”
Guatemala’s current aquaculture annual production is approximately 6000 metric tons (MT) of tilapia and 15,000 MT of shrimp, meaning a consumption of more than 11,000 MT of soy bean meal (SBM) for feed manufacture.  There are good market opportunities for U.S. SBM as local and Mexican markets demand more whole fish and fresh fish filet and as the tilapia culture in Guatemala continues to develop.