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USSEC Research Inspires Further Soybean Meal Studies in Europe

USSEC research over the past six years has inspired Adisseo, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of animal feed additives, to conduct its own research using near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) to evaluate the energy and amino acid value of soybean meal (SBM).  Adisseo’s research was inspired by their attendance in a 2010 USSEC event in France.  After this meeting, Adisseo began working on evaluating soybean by origin.

Adisseo recently began a series of presentations in Europe using their own data based on the USSEC survey.  At a March presentation in Barcelona, titled “NIR for SBM,” the company discussed how NIR recognizes soybean origin, can rank soybean meals for their nutritional value and assessed the energy differences between various soybean meal.
Gonzalo Mateos, Professor of University of Spain, recently met with Claire Relandeau, technical manager of the Adisseo NIR project in Paris, to discuss how the USSEC and Adisseo projects fit together.  Mr. Mateos will send USSEC-analyzed samples to Ms. Relandeau for Adisseo to analyze and will maintain contact for further collaboration.
In addition to Adisseo, other large feed companies are interested in USSEC’s work in soybean meal survey and soyeabn meal differentiation by in vitro and in vivo trials, including Guissona, Provimi, Cargill, De Heus, Abalioglu, Coren and Glon Sanders, among others.  Further survey work by USSEC is being planned at this time.