soybean field

USSEC Promotes the Use of Soybean Oil in Costa Rican and Guatemalan Food Industry

USSEC recently provided technical assistance to the food industries of Costa Rica and Guatemala.  USSEC consultant Pedro Gonzalez visited seven companies in Costa Rica that produce snacks and fast food using soybean oil from a Costa Rican refinery.  During these visits, he gave recommendations on the frying process using soybean oil and also assisted a fast food chain to overcome a problem with the quality of its fried tortilla chips.  During a call on a fried food manufacturer that currently uses other edible oils for its products, Mr. Gonzalez conducted a practical demonstration by frying some products using soybean oil to demonstrate the higher quality of the snacks when using this oil as well as the better performance and yield of soybean oil over other edible oils.
In Guatemala, Mr. Gonzalez visited the leading soybean oil refinery.  The refinery is preparing a new marketing plan to increase the market share for its brand of soybean oil, and he worked with the marketing department to prepare the new plan which will include the development of a new bottle and new label designs.  USSEC will continue its collaboration with this refinery over the next few months in its plans to increase market share for soybean oil in Central America.

Foods fried with soybean oil in the frying demonstration conducted by USSEC consultant Pedro Gonzalez.