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USSEC Produces Video on the Use of Soybean Oil to Fry Foods

USSEC consultant Pedro Gonzalez participated in the supervision and production of an educational video demonstrating the performance of soybean oil to fry foods and highlighting its advantages over other edible oils.  This material was produced in collaboration with one of the largest soybean oil refineries in Mexico.  The objective of the video was to communicate the properties and advantages of soybean oil in frying foods for hotels, restaurants, institutions and home consumers.  To demonstrate the frying performance of soybean oil, four different types of food were fried with soybean oil and with other three edible oils, then a comparison was made of both the characteristics of the fried foods and the quality of the frying oils.

The yields of the four frying oils were measured for each of the four food frying operations.  Soybean oil had better results than the other three edible oils evaluated.  The foods were also judged for taste, texture and smell by a panel of chefs from a culinary institute.  Again, the foods fried with soybean oil received the best scores.  The frying oils were analyzed after cooking to determine the degree of deterioration.  Soybean oil showed a higher resistance to deterioration during frying than the other edible oils evaluated.

Chefs from a Mexican Culinary Institute Compare Frying Foods in Soybean Oil vs. Other Edible Oils