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USSEC Participates in VI Central American Dairy Congress in Honduras

USSEC recently attended the VI Central American Dairy Congress in Honduras. 450 dairy producers and technicians from Central American countries attended this conference, which was opened by the president of Honduras.
USSEC consultant Carlos Campabadal lectured on the topic of “Feeding the Transition Cow under Tropical Conditions,” where he discussed the most recent information about the feeding systems of transition cows adapted to tropical conditions. He presented the benefits of these feeding systems and their nutrition problems and their effects on future milk production and reproduction. He talked about the importance of a good quality diet consisting of corn and soybean meal, nutrient requirements, the use of anionic salts, feed additives, special trace minerals premix and general management systems. Mr. Campabadal emphasized feeding high protein diets (19 percent) in the post-partum period, recommending the use of soybean meal as a source of protein, presenting the advantages of using U.S. soybean meal.
Mr. Campabadal also attended the other lectures and discussed technical questions related to dairy management and nutrition with participants.