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USSEC Participates in National Soy Milk Seminar in India

Natioanl seminar on Nutracerutical attributes of Soy milk - Press clip

USSEC participated in a national soy milk seminar in Raipur, India on June 8.  The seminar, titled “Nutraceutical Attributes of Soy Milk – A Step towards Healthy Life,” was organized by the Indian Dietetic Association, Chattisgarh Chapter and the Chattisgarh Industrial and Technical consultancy Cell to highlight the nutritive and medicinal properties of soy milk and soy products in order to help combat protein deficiency and malnutrition in India.  Attending stakeholders showed unequivocal support at this event for enhancing the use of soy for food protein purposes in India.  Participants included scientists, dieticians, physicians, agricultural and dairy technicians, sports consultants, industrialists, educators, social activists, combat personnel and government officials engaged in the management of health and nutrition issues.  Attendees were committed to forwarding the soy agenda for the overall context of India’s food security.
USSEC Director – India Soy Food Program Dr. M. M. Krishna was invited to chair a technical session and also gave a presentation, “Soy for Sustainable Nutrition and Health.”  Technical Director – India Dr. Ratan Sharma also gave a lecture titled “Potential for Soy/Soy Milk in Government School Feeding Programs and Supplementary Nutrition Programs in India.