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USSEC Participates at International Seafood Show 2013 in Boston

USSEC participated at the International Seafood Show in Boston, Massachusetts in March.  USB Director and grower leader from Virginia Robert White, together with USSEC staff, including aquaculture's Mike Cremer and Colby Sutter, Americas region consultant Jairo Amezquita, consultants from USSEC China, displayed a booth promoting the use of U.S. soy products in aquaculture.  Over 1000 exhibiting companies from around the world participated in this show, which was attended by seafood producers and representatives from the retail and food service industry.

The USSEC consultants held several meetings with customers during the show persuading them to increase the consumption of U.S. soy products in their operations; prospects were also persuaded to work together to develop other promotional activities in aquaculture such as feeding demonstrations and technical assistance visits to their facilities.  These discussions yielded more than twelve serious business contacts.  USSEC consultants also addressed the concerns of visitors to the booth regarding the use and applications of U.S. soy products in aquaculture.  Visitors to the USSEC booth received technical literature along with promotional gifts.
The participation of U.S. soy growers in the International Seafood Show and at the business meetings was key for them to be cognizant of the market opportunities and future projects that will be developed in the aquaculture field in various regions.

USSEC team members at the International Seafood Show booth.