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USSEC Participates in FEFAC Congress in Kraków

USSEC sponsored and participated in the FEFAC (European Feed Manufacturers’ Federation) Congress held in Kraków, Poland from June 5-8.  The theme of this year’s congress was “Staying Profitable in Volatile Times.”

USB Chair Jim Stillman introduced the U.S. Soy Sustainability Assurance Protocol to conference attendees.  The U.S. Soy Protocol will provide this assurance based on U.S. environmental laws and regulations in addition to the conservation practices of U.S. soy farmers.  Various European countries are seeking to purchase 100 percent certified sustainable soy by 2015.  Several industry purchasers requested additional information about the U.S. Soy Protocol following Mr. Stillman’s presentation.
ASA Vice President Bob Worth spoke on risk management techniques that U.S. farmers use in increasingly volatile markets.  Mr. Worth noted that he sells a portion of his crop and buys inputs up to three years in advance to lock in profit opportunities – a fact that was surprising to many participants.
In addition to Mr. Stillman and Mr. Worth, USSEC CEO Jim Sutter; Director of Global Issues and Alliances Brent Babb; and Acting Greater EU Regional Director and International Feed Marketing & Governance Director Ed Beaman also participated in the FEFAC conference and visited local feed industry facilities in Poland.  Poland is the largest EU-27 U.S. soymeal customer this marketing year.