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USSEC Participated in the 100th Anniversary of Food Bean Wholesaler in Japan

USSEC recently participated in the 100th anniversary celebration of Kichisaburo Kitao, a third generation Food Bean Wholesaler in Kyoto, Japan's oldest city. More than 100 guests, mainly soy food processors, participated and celebrated the firm’s first century of success. Kichisaburo Kitao began importing U.S. soybeans in 1955 via a trading firm to distribute to soy food processors all over Japan. In 2010, USSEC helped to facilitate the firm's first direct importation of U.S. food grade soybeans.  Kichisaburo Kitao currently sources 80% of their Food Beans from North America.Paul Burke, regional director of North Asia, was a guest of honor and delivered congratulatory comments. In his comments, Burke expressed appreciation for Kichisaburo Kitao, calling the firm "a traditional yet innovative partner of U.S. Soy Industry over 57 years." He also conveyed that U.S. soybean farmers value their strong business ties with loyal customers and commitment to the Japanese market.

Paul Burke, Regional Director of North Asia, delivered congratulatory comments.