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USSEC is Optimistic about Anticipated Chinese Biotech Approvals

Farmer leaders and staff of USSEC, the American Soy Association (ASA) and United Soybean Board (USB) visited China from April 6-10 on a biotech mission.  At the time of this trip, China had not granted approval of new biotech events for over 17 months, including 19 soybean, corn, canola, or cotton events waiting for approval, 10 of which had already been fully evaluated for safety and were merely waiting for final approval from China’s Agricultural Minister.  Many of these traits had already received approval from other countries.
Objectives of the trip were to meet with key Chinese stakeholders, U.S. government officials and Chinese government officials to gain a better understanding of the delay in Chinese approvals of importing new biotech products for food and feed products and to meet with key Chinese government agencies and officials to discuss the effects of delayed and slow Chinese regulatory approvals on Chinese and global food security as well as on trade.
This week, USSEC and ASA received word that the government approved three types of genetically modified soybeans for import to China.  A full report will be made once details are confirmed by the USDA.
China is U.S. soy’s largest international customer, importing 849 million bushels of whole U.S. soybeans in the most recent marketing year.  USSEC will persist in its efforts to increase biotech acceptance in China to continue the access of U.S. soy to key global markets.