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USSEC Membership Continues to Expand

In the past 18 months, USSEC has added a net increase of 20 members to its rolls, an increase of more than 30 percent. The organization now counts 85 members: 36 allied and 49 exporter class.
USSEC QSSB & Industry Relations Manager Will McNair says there are a number of reasons that USSEC’s membership is expanding so rapidly. First, he says, there has been an increased spotlight on USSEC membership and membership value. “Organizations are seeing the advantages of working more closely with USSEC projects and realize how it helps them become more engaged in the industry,” he explains.
He also credits the “great outreach” of regional and St. Louis-based staff. “Everyone, from regional teams to our leadership to our board is doing a great job of talking about USSEC and how our organization works to create an international preference for U.S. Soy,” Mr. McNair states.
USSEC is also getting noticed more widely in the industry, suggests USSEC Stakeholder Relations Coordinator Eric Gibson. “Not only are USSEC events being proclaimed as valuable to many folks in the industry, we have buyers asking about USSEC affiliations.” Mr. Gibson continues, “Everything from email resources to trade show presence are proving to be important ways of educating people about USSEC.”
Membership funds allow USSEC’s active representation in 83 different countries around the world.