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USSEC-led Delegation Meets with President of Argentine Soybean Chain Association

During their trip to China, ASA Director and former Chairman Rob Joslin, Director of Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council Craig Bangasser, and Zhang Xiaoping, USSEC Country Director for China, met with Miguel Antonio Calvo, President of Argentine Soybean Chain Association and agricultural officers from Argentine embassy. The group discussed biotech safety certificate issues with China and other issues of common interests.
The Safety Certificate for Roundup Ready I issued to Monsanto three years ago needed to be reauthorized by the Chinese government agency; however, the re-approval was held back for some unknown reasons.  The U.S. and Argentine soybean industry leaders first discussed any possible reasons behind the delay and its possible impact on the trade and the market, and then briefed each other the efforts done by both industries and government agencies to push for an earlier completion of the re-authorizing process. Joslin and Calvo agreed to take action to pressure the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture through various channels, including government agencies and export industries in both countries for smooth trade relations with China. The actions will benefit not only soy industries in both countries but also the Chinese soy market where food security and affordable prices for soy products are becoming more and more of a concern.
Both industry leaders discussed other issues such as differentiated export tax on soy in Argentina and biofuel mandates in the U.S. that will have some impact on world soybean supply, demand and trade flows. Also, Calvo discussed the World Soy Conference to be held next Feb./March in South Africa and the Round Table of Responsible Soy (RTRS) annual meeting in Beijing next May.
The meeting helped the industry leaders to better understand current market challenges and opportunities for soy industries in both countries and to take concerted actions to find solutions to current issues.

U.S. and Argentine soybean industry representatives meet in Beijing to discuss challenges and opportunities for both industries in China. From left to right: Zeng Yantian, USSEC China Marketing Program Assistant; Rob Joslin, ASA Director and former Chairma; Miguel Antonio Calvo, ASCA President; Craig Bangasser, MNSRPC Director; Omar Odarda, Agricultural Counselor of Argentine Embassy in Beijing, Zhang Xiaoping, USSEC Country Director for China; and Hernan Anibal Viola, Agriculture Officer of Argentine Embassy in Beijing.